Q: How much does it cost to use TrueGolfGPS?
A: TrueGolfGPS is free of charge. No cost, No future costs.

Q: Why don't I see my local golf course in your list of courses?
A: We currently are partnering with individual golf courses to tailor the app to the specific course. If you like our app and you would like to see us add a course, drop us a line and let us know.

Q: How accurate is TrueGolgGPS?
A: As accurate as your GPS receiver. The more satellites that are visible the better the accuracy will be. This website briefly discusses GPS accuracy.

Q: How do I enable GPS on my Android phone?
A: The TrueGOlfGPS app automatically checks to see if your GPS is enabled. If it is not it will direct you to the settings panel to enable it. To manually enable GPS ... from the home screen press the Menu button, then select Settings, then Security and Location (or Location and Security) and make sure "Use GPS Satellites" (or "Enable GPS Satellites") is checked.